The first exam starts in…

The aim of this page is to provide you with some tools to help you prepare for the exams you are going to be doing over the next 6 months. Everybody learns and revises differently and so contained within this page is a range of strategies that can be used by you in a way that suits you and your learning style.

Revising isn’t always about working harder but more about working smarter and using better techniques to help you learn the information and the skills needed to show how good you are. The strategies can be used at any time to revise topics or to review what you’ve learnt in lessons earlier in the day. Simply this page is for you to use to review what you have learnt and to help plan for your exams.

Included is also some general advice for you as students, but also your parents, on practical ways to support you through both the exams and the preparation for them.

We hope both the advice and these techniques help you to reinforce your learning and that you find it useful; any feedback on how we could improve it would be much appreciated.

And remember, all we want is for you to do your best. That’s all. No-one can ask more than that of you.

Good luck!


School Revision Class Timetable – Timetable 2016-17

Plan your revision carefully – Study Planner

Guidance, tips, support for parents and advice on coping with the exam season can all be found in our – Exam Preparation Booklet


The science of revision – How to plan your time

Art Support
Spanish Support

GCSE Spanish vocabulary list by topic:

BBC Bitesize

BBC languages

Sam learning

RE Support

Every pupil in Year 11 will be given Zig Zag revision booklets for Year 10 and Year 11 topics by their RE teachers so we advise that they use these for revision.

We also recommend that they look at past papers and mark schemes for Unit 2 and Unit 3 using the following link.

Science Support

Triple Scientists B1, C1, P1 and B2, C2, P2 and B3, C3, P3.
Science > Final Exam 2017 > AQA > Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Additional Scientists B2, C2 and P2.

Core Science B1, C1 and P1.