The St Joseph’s Pupil Parliament was founded in September of 2013 as a stage from which pupils voices could attract the attention of those needed to bring change to the school.
A representative is elected from each form group to represent the members of the form and their concerns, queries and requests at the fortnightly meeting of the parliament. These meetings are run by an elected Chairperson and Vice-chair. (Representatives elected by secret ballot at the first meeting of the year. These positions are voted in by members of the parliament).

The Secretary (elected in the aforementioned way, as with all senior roles) records each meetings notes and publishes them before the next meeting for all pupils of the school to read. They accompany the Chairperson and Vice-Chair to weekly meetings with the head teacher to discuss the concerns, queries and requests of the pupils.

Should an announcement need to be made to the school the Public Relations Officer will address the school. This senior role includes maintenance of the Pupil Parliament notice board and control of all parliamentary releases in electronic and print media. In the case that a parliamentary decree requires funding the Treasury will organise budgeting and ensure full and timely payment of the parties concerned.

After the parliament is adjourned Representatives are expected to feed back to their form group on the meeting within 72 hours of its being adjourned by which time the meetings notes will have been published and the official record can be read.

A day is set aside in the year for the newly elected representatives to go on a crash course in all things parliamentary. This consists of public speaking practice (being able to answer hard questions under pressure, correct posture whilst speaking, how to engage a large audience etc.) How to work in a team effectively and confidence building.

The parliament is here for the pupils of St Josephs, to serve the school community in a positive, creative and effective way.