The Prefect team comprises of year 10 and 11 students who have been successfully selected to represent the school body, not only on a daily basis, but on opening evenings and wider community events including Diocesan occasions. They are a wonderful group of willing, conscientious and enthusiastic pupils who are always prepared to aid and assist in school life.
The senior prefect team comprises of: Jenson Truckle, Head Boy; Jessica Underwood, Head Girl; Ewan Mortimer, Deputy Head Boy and Kirstie Stage, Deputy Head Girl. They were successfully elected into their role after a mock election, a rigorous interview with Mrs Ridley and a staff vote. This team are an excellent example of the St Joseph’s ‘expectation’ as they are all conscientious, hardworking and motivated individuals. As senior prefects, they will represent the student body at many events throughout the year including open evenings and diocesan mass. In addition they will be working with staff to ensure that every student feels a part of the school community and will be launching a small programme for students later in the year.

The main prefect team works diligently to ensure that St Joseph’s is a pleasant and safe place for students by gently reminding peers of expectations. In addition they are ambassadors on opening evenings and mornings. More importantly they have chosen to act as positive role models for all in the school community. In time, it is envisioned that some prefects will be attached to departments to aid in the learning of students within all subject areas in school.

Jessica Underwood – Head Girl

I am Jessica Underwood, the Head Girl for this academic year. It was the most amazing feeling to be announced as Head Girl. I am so proud to have been chosen for this role and it is a great honour to be representing the school as a senior prefect.

During my time as Head Girl, I hope that I can bring many new ideas to the school and help to make further improvements to all aspects of school life. I want St Josephs’ to continue to be known as a special and safe place for students to learn. In my eyes, everyone should be treated with the utmost respect that they deserve and should feel valued as a significant part of what makes this school great. My aim is to make the whole community aware of how successful St Joseph’s is. I deeply respect the school motto “To achieve excellence for the sake of the Gospel” and during this year as a senior prefect, I hope to reinforce this in everything I do for the school and myself.

Jenson Truckle – Head Boy

I am Jenson Truckle, the current head boy here at St Joseph’s. It was an honour and privilege to be chosen by the student and staff body for this role. This year was the first general election the school had held for many years, it was truly amazing to stand up in front of at least 500 people and speak for 5 minutes straight! All the candidates for both roles were amazing and I do believe that a strong and efficient team was chosen to represent the school. Our goal is to further improve the school community through peer support, making a real change, which is why we can define our school as a truly outstanding place to learn, grow and flourish. We hope to launch our project within the first term of the academic year.

As many people may be aware, this year we took on the most new year seven students in St Joseph’s history. This truly shows what an amazing, spectacular and welcoming place this school is. I personally remember the first time I walked through the school doors, it was instantly welcoming and I could really feel the school ethos of faith and community shining through. That was just 5 years ago and I will never forget it!

Over the years I have seen St Joseph’s change and grow, it truly has gone from strength to strength. I strongly believe our Senior Prefect team is one of those strengths, and I am looking forward to contributing as the school becomes stronger, bigger and outstanding within the next year.

Kirstie Stage – Deputy Head Girl

I am delighted to be part of this year’s Senior Prefect Team, in particular taking responsibility for the position of Deputy Head Girl.

As a Senior Prefect Team, we are ultimately aiming for ‘Excellence for the sake of the Gospel’ (Saint Joseph’s motto) in all of the projects we participate in. As Saint Joseph’s is strengthening, our aim is to develop excellence within all areas. Specifically, we would like to achieve ‘Outstanding’ not just with Ofsted, but especially in the opinions of the students, staff, parents and the community. We believe this is entirely attainable and is exemplified by this piece of scripture. “With God all things are possible” – Matthew 19:26

Ewan Mortimer – Deputy Head Boy

Hello. My name is Ewan Mortimer and I am the deputy-head boy of St Jospeh’s Catholic School. During my time at school, I have, along with everyone else, had my ups and downs, but I have always enjoyed myself knowing that mistakes are what make us human and that there is always something to be learned from them, no matter how small they may be. As a student of this school, I feel that I can truly understand ways to further improve our community,putting forward practical and innovative ways to solve these. I want students to continue to feel safe and accepted whether they are in or out of school, and this can continue to be accomplished with the help of the entire school community. This is why I am always happy to listen to the ideas of students on how they think they can improve the school whilst enjoying their learning. ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ – Nelson Mandela