The Prefect team comprises of year 10 and 11 students who have been successfully selected to represent the school body, not only on a daily basis, but on opening evenings and wider community events including Diocesan occasions. They are a wonderful group of willing, conscientious and enthusiastic pupils who are always prepared to aid and assist in school life.

The senior prefect team comprises of: Antonio Armada, Head Boy; Mary Reodique, Head Girl; Jack Travers, Deputy Head Boy and Gabriela Borges, Deputy Head Girl. They were successfully elected into their role after a mock election, a rigorous interview with Mrs Ridley and a staff vote. This team are an excellent example of the St Joseph’s ‘expectation’ as they are all conscientious, hardworking and motivated individuals. As senior prefects, they will represent the student body at many events throughout the year including open evenings and diocesan mass.

The main prefect team works diligently to ensure that St Joseph’s is a pleasant and safe place for students by gently reminding peers of expectations.In addition they are ambassadors on opening evenings and mornings. More importantly they have chosen to act as positive role models for all in the school community. In time, it is envisioned that some prefects will be attached to departments to aid in the learning of students within all subject areas in school.


Mary Reodique, Head Girl

My name is Mary Reodique and I am St. Joseph’s new head girl from 2017-2018. First and foremost, I feel privileged to have been chosen not only by the teachers, but also from the whole community. I believe my qualities such as my confidence and leadership enabled me to obtain this role and I look forward to this year’s upcoming challenges. As head girl, I want to focus on making our PSHE lessons more interactive with workshops and tackling our litter problem on the field.


Antonio Armada, Head Boy

Hello! I’m Antonio Armada Gamboa,

I  am very thankful that I have been trusted with such an important duty, to represent the school. As head boy for this academic year, I will help anyone that has any problems or issues using my leadership qualities that I gained through sports such as rugby. Teamwork and social skills enable me to talk with anyone about everything. I will ensure that I represent the school to the best of my ability.


Gabriela Borges, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Gabriela Borges, and I’m very happy and thankful for being elected as St. Joseph’s’ Deputy Head Girl for 2017. I promise to further improve and develop our school, and will always do my best. I will always represent the school well, and will fulfil the role of Deputy Head Girl to the best of my ability. I plan on having sessions to get to know people in your house, so that especially Year 7s and new students can settle in well, and feel proud of our school. I want to take all the student’s ideas on board and act on them, so that I can make this school the best it can be. I am very proud to be the Deputy Head Girl and look forward to all the challenges that come with the role.


Jack Travers, Deputy Head Boy

Hello, my name is Jack Travers and I am the new deputy Head Boy for this academic year. I feel ecstatic to have been given the role and the opportunity to improve this already great school. I believe that through the strong, hardworking and determined   senior prefect team that you’ll see on this page, we can work to achieve a more caring and suiting learning environment, infused with the schools Catholic ethos.


High up on the list of priorities for this year are improved spaces (for both study and recreation), more prefect roles as well as   improving the school’s impact on the environment. 

I hope that through working together we can draw closer together as a caring Catholic community.