Monday 8th– Friday 12th October: International Week

The school celebrated our fourth annual International week were we celebrate the diverse culture in our school. Pupils were able to sample salsa dancing, a French quiz, Spanish karaoke and cuisines from around the world. The week culminated in a non-school uniform day where pupils were encouraged to wear national dress or colours to celebrate their national heritage. An amazing £543.70 was raised on the day to support the emergency aid being provided in Indonesia after the typhoon.

Wednesday 24th October- EdUKaid non-school uniform day

In support of Mrs Clayton travelling to Tanzania to work on a sewing project with EdUKaid, pupils had a non-school uniform day on the last day before half term, raising £487.39. The money raised will help to support the project which enables women in the village to learn a trade and be able to provide for their families. The school wishes Mrs Clayton safe travels and every success in this amazing excursion.