Pupils rotated between various activities during the day.  There were activity stands and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) assets for our pupils to interact with.

Pupils had the opportunity to explore military vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters and tanks.  They were also encouraged to speak to service personnel from a wide variety of different arms and trades and ask lots of questions.

This was a fantastic event to highlight to our young people the vast array of education and careers on offer from the Royal Navy, Army and RAF.  The hands-on and interactive experiences throughout the day brought STEM to life and has hopefully, started meaningful conversations for the future.

Pupils were asked what they enjoyed most about the day:
“The flight simulator”          “The display guns”         “The motorcycles”         “The helicopter exhibition”
“The flight simulator and the dog training”      “The rock climbing – gave me a challenge”    “Learning about
battle tanks”      “Paintballing – it gave me a perspective of firing a gun”    “The racing cars”